When you want to build a house , requiring services of a construction professional is common sense , but when looking for a backyard cabana, the scenario is different ; and it is not all construction projects that require a structural engineer , so why we should need dedicated solutions architect and/or software developers for each IT project even for non-complex use cases ?

Citizen development could be seen as agile on steroids as it push collaboration to next level, and it allows to quickly deliver value.

CD can also help organizations to unlock creativity of their employees, and keep…

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Comme vous pouvez l’imaginer, les organisations se trouvent à différentes phases de leur adoption de l’infonuagique; certaines n’ont pas encore commencé leur analyse de rentabilisation ou leurs projets pilotes; tandis que d’autres sont largement avancées ,et sont en train de chercher à profiter des nouveaux paradigmes tels que l’informatique sans serveurs dédiés, etc.

L’idée de consommer des ressources informatiques (c.-à-d. les capacités de traitement, l’espace de stockage, les bases de données, etc.) comme « bien de consommation courante » est souvent comparée à l’utilisation de l’électricité ou de l’eau (c.-à-d. …

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As you might imagine, organizations are at different phases of their cloud journey; some don’t have yet their business case, while others have a mature cloud operating model, and they are looking into how to take advantage of new paradigms such as serverless computing,etc….

The idea of consuming IT resources (i.e., computing, storage, databases, etc…) as utility is often compared to the use of electricity or water (i.e., no need to set up infrastructure for that, and you just pay for what you use), and organizations have various drivers when moving to the cloud.

Cloud adoption reasons may include cost…

All of us have recently heard about many data breaches , and other major cybersecurity incidents; and sometimes we ask ourselves how this happened ?

Few years ago , employees were accessing most of IT assets from 9 AM to 5 PM, and access was done from a controlled location ( i.e. ID access cards , security guards , etc.… ). So, in past , traditional network security perimeters used to protect efficiently organizations against most of threats.

Now , highest level of UX ( User Experience) is expected by everyone, and there are requirements to allow access “anytime” from…

Fabrice D.Kagame

PMP | TOGAF | AWS Certified Solutions Architect — Associate (SAA) | COBIT | Agile SCRUM Master | CompTIA Security + | ITIL Expert | PRINCE2 | MSP | PSPO | PAL |

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